Hi everyone I Soma Ghosh Founder of the The Career Happiness mentor. If you are looking for inspiration on how to have a more thriving career where you are in the driving seat you are in the right place. 

I work with ambitious women who are looking for more in their career but don't necessarily know where to start. I help women that are feeling fed up, overwhelmed and want to do something they feel truly passionate about. 

Everyone should have a unique definition of what makes them "Career Happy". Its sometimes hard to know where to start. This is what I help women create and really allow them to discover realstic ways of creating what they want. 

What would you do if you could have your dream career? 

I am a qualified Careers counselor with nearly 10 years of experience working in schools, colleges and now women who I know can thrive in their careers and create career happiness on their terms. 

I help women with the following areas: 

1. Careers advice 

2. Job hunting support 

3. Career mentoring

4. Career counselling  

You can find more about me by visiting my about me page please see link below. 

"Soma is full of positive energy. Her kind words of encouragement made me gain back my confidence.  After a session with Soma I am able to boldly face the job market and exhibit my skills-set rightly. I would definitely recommend her service for any job seeker struggling to find a way out."

Monisha Velmurugan


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