"I was very pleased with her service and I got my dream job!" 

“Soma has a great approach; she really listened to my individual needs asks exactly the questions that I needed to hear to get the clarity I needed.She is also very dedicated, makes you feel that you have all the possible support and tools that you may need to take your career to the next level. I was very pleased with her service and I got my dream job! Soma provides you with a lot of support after the session too and shares different tools and techniques to be even more effective in the job search.I would definitely recommend soma.

She provides a service tailored to every persons needs and is a great support to achieve your career goals, even if you have no idea where you want to get to. Very professional, experienced and above all great commitment- you really feel you are being taken care of as a client.” Monika

"She makes you believe in yourself!"

I was unsure about how to put my plan in action but Soma has given me the confidence in believing in myself and this is what will help me to sell myself to others when pitching my service.  Soma is aware of how to draw out all the important information and made me think about other avenues and ways to set up my business ideas. I would strongly recommend Soma service as as she lets you know that she believes in you.” - Mandeep

"I am able to boldly face the job market and exhibit my skills-set rightly"

"Soma is full of positive energy. Her kind words of encouragement made me gain back my confidence.  After a session with Soma I am able to boldly face the job market and exhibit my skills-set rightly. I would definitely recommend her service for any job seeker struggling to find a way out." 

- Monisha Velmurugan

"I know the areas I need to work on" 

"The service provided was really good it helped me consider my next steps and that there are options for me. I know the areas I need to work on to progress in my career”  - Lisa  

"She is methodical, organised and very creative"

It was a privilege working with Soma. She is methodical, organized and very creative in her work.Her ability to connect people, inspire the audience and presentation skills are amazing. - Gandhali

"I would highly recommend her"

“I contacted Soma after leaving a long term job. She has made me feel that everything I’m doing is in the right direction and hopefully with my CV rewrite she kindly did for me it will help me get a job that I really want. Soma’s ability to understand and sympathise with your issues as well as get to the root of what it is you want is great and I would highly recommend her.” Tracy

"Soma is professional in providing guidance"

“Soma is more like a friend than a mentor, who not only listens but helps to filter out your career options and ways of approaching the desired job. The CV writing course run by Soma helped me write a crisp and to the point CV. Since then my CV has been shortlisted and I have started to receive interview calls. Soma is professional in providing guidance during the course and was always available to answer my queries, even the silliest ones as well. Soma was also kind enough to extend her support for matters outside the course and guide me with right approach to accomplish the desired task. I would definitely recommend Soma to my acquaintances for either or all the services provided by her." Mona

"She provided me with tools that I can work on and build my CV. 

I have recently taken a CV writing course with Soma and I loved the way she guided me through this. She went out of the way to explain parts of a CV and how does one do a DIY on their resume. What I liked best is that she did not give me a short term fix on if my CV was good or bad, she provided me with tools that i can work on my own and build my CV. I think if someone is in a fix and don't know where to start they should totally consider this course. Srividya


"I would 100% recommend you to friends and colleagues."

I think you are very real and not at all someone who wants to put up a show.  I liked that and therefore related to it.  Also, I think you are very frank and straightforward, so working with you I know where I stand and that helps get all the awkwardness out of any conversations.  And the best part is you are easy to talk to 😊Great experience, very professional and yet down to earth (not an easy mix).  Also, very knowledgeable in what works presently so don't feel outdated and not intimidating.  Also, great deal of valuable advice from you which is very much appreciated.

You Provided me with lots of food for thought which I implemented and worked the different pointers in your videos have helped me build my interview questions, research etcI have totally revamped my LinkedIn profile and engaging a bit more, not as much as I'd like but am in touch with the right groups and people The exercise you gave me about my strengths has helped boost my confidence too.I would 100% recommend you to friends and colleagues and continue doing so at any given chance. Reena

“I would recommend her to my friends and family if at any stage they ever felt lost and demotivated career wise.”

I chose to work with Soma after having come across her by chance on Instagram and I really loved reading her posts about her story and got inspired with how she helps women to develop their career goals. I felt at the time I needed a little bit of extra push to get me motivated to pursue a new career after my degree. I enjoyed working with her because she was approachable and helpful towards answering any queries I had. Soma was also open-minded which made it easier for me to be honest with her.

After working with Soma, it gave me more focus and drive to step out of my comfort zone to pursue a career in luxury retail. It was something that I fell into by chance, when I wasn’t sure which direction to head towards, but I ended up really enjoying the work I did at Selfridges.I would recommend her to my friends and family if at any stage they ever felt lost and demotivated career wise. The Facebook group helped because it gave a good overview on a variety of issues people had and how best to deal with them. Irfat