Episode 5 - Three tips to help with career confusion

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In this episode we look at what career confusion is and I share with you some of the main things I see with clients and that has happened to me. 

I share 3 practical tips to help you with this. It’s a lot more common then we all think and a lot of guilt is associated with feeling confused. 

A lack of clarity is something that really held me back and I still have women ask me how they can overcome this. 

In December I created an online “clarity workshop” to help women further with this. I do have a recording of this available which you can purchase if you feel this episode has helped you and want some further support. To get access to this please go to the following link http://www.thecareerhappinessmentor.com/online-workshops. 

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Enjoy the episode and wishing you all the career happiness you deserve. 

Soma x