Episode 10 - Interview with Leyla Okhai


In this episode I speak to Leyla Okhai.  Leyla is a coach and founder of a unique and really special business called “Diverse Minds”. 

In this episode we speak a lot about the importance of mental health and why it’s so vital in the workplace. We also speak about workplace bullying and your working rights. We also touch on why it’s important you get support from your employers if you have a SPLD condition and how you can get support if you have dyslexia, autism etc. 

To find out more about Leyla and connect with her you can visit her site https://diverseminds.co.uk/about/ 

Connect with her on Twitter https://twitter.com/diversemindsuk 

Connect with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/leyla-okhai-diversemindsuk/ 

Or visit her Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/diversemindsuk/ 

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Enjoy the episode and wishing you all the career happiness you deserve. 

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