Episode 21 - Should you have a portfolio career?


Should you have a portfolio career? A popular question I often get asked so I thought this would be a good episode to help you move forward with this. You may well remember I spoke to Nicky Raby about portfolio careers in episode 16 please go back and listen to this if you haven’t heard it already. 

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Enjoy the episode and wishing you all the career happiness you deserve. 

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Episode 15 - How can Careers Advice help you?

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Careers advice isn’t just for those of you who are at school and the awareness about what careers advice can be confusing and not always accurate. 

So, in this episode I talk about what careers advice is? The difference between careers advice and career coaching and also why you should consider getting careers advice. 

This episode will especially be helpful to anyone who is confused about their current career options and wants to understand more about what advice can help them. 

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Episode 5 - Three tips to help with career confusion

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In this episode we look at what career confusion is and I share with you some of the main things I see with clients and that has happened to me. 

I share 3 practical tips to help you with this. It’s a lot more common then we all think and a lot of guilt is associated with feeling confused. 

A lack of clarity is something that really held me back and I still have women ask me how they can overcome this. 

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