The 4 week program Job hunting program is designed for you if you a woman looking for job hunting mentoring and support. You want to know how get headhunted on LinkedIn. Or apply a new position or higher paid job but need the confidence and tools to help you get there.

Are ready to uplevel in your career but want to know how?

  • Do you want to get headhunted for your dream job but are unsure how to get noticed?

  • Are you feeling bogged down by job hunting applications and feel like you aren’t any closer to getting a new job?

  • Is the feeling of going to another interview making you feel nervous and you want to give up?

  • Do you have a LinkedIn profile and know it could help you land more job opportunities but feel like you don’t have enough time or patience to use it effectively?

What would it feel like to get headhunted by a recruiter and find the job opportunities you truly want?

  • What if you were organised with your job-hunting schedule and were able to balance this out whilst raising a family.

  • How would it feel to come out buzzing from an interview and know you have battled through your nerves and shown your interviewers why you are the best person for the job?

  • How will you feel once you understand how to use LinkedIn effectively and get headhunted by the right recruiters and apply for the jobs you want?

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to understand that you needed to go through this to get to your ideal job, career etc.

Who is this for?

  • A professional women who is looking to develop and progress in their career.

  • A mum who wants to restart their career and move forward.

  • A woman who has been in the same role for X number of years and knows she has to grow in order to move forward.

  • An highly experienced woman with a wealth of knowledge who knows she isn’t valuing her true worth.

  • A women who wants a pay rise and promotion but wonders if she is being realistic about this.

 How can I support you?

  • This program is designed to help support you get the results you want from your current job hunting journey. The support you get will be catered to your unique needs. For example planning a promotion or pay rise whilst in your current role or applying for opportunities that will help you achieve this goal.

  • If you know you need accountability to help you achieve your job hunting needs I will support you by helping you with tools like Linkedin and interview preparation as well as discussing job hunting methods and time management tips etc.

  • We will work together to help you get the new job you want. It’s important that you are clear about your long term goals for your future and we will together to put this into action.

  • I don’t help with CV writing or CV feedback anymore but if you want me to look at your CVs and job applications and give feedback to help you as part of your journey I can do this for you as part of the program.

  • You will get bespoke information, advice and guidance as part of the program according to your field and what job you want.

  • If you are having doubts and feel deponsdont by the job hunting process. Career counselling is included in this program to help you feel motivated and give you support along the way.

How it works?

  1. A detailed questionnaire will be sent you including finding out what additional support you may want and access to videos, articles and additional reading etc.

  2. You will then have a 2 hour intensive session before we start the 4 weeks of mentoring together.

  3. You will get to take do the career happiness seeker quiz which will briefly go through in the intensive session to see if additional support is needed.

  4. After the intensive session you will a do a weekly 90-minute session with me. A recording of the session will be sent you.

  5. You will be sent a short questionnaire before every session to detail what you want to cover each session so we have a format and I can best serve you in that time.

  6. Additional support is included in the form of voxer or email support. You can only pick one form of additional support. This is helpful if anything comes up between sessions and you want to ask me anything.

This program includes

  • A two-hour intensive session of career mentoring, counselling and support before the weekly sessions begin. This helps map out our four weeks together.

  • Followed by 4 x 90-minute sessions which will take place over zoom.

5 sessions in total = Total = £1,157 (Limited spaces available)

Payment plan available with a 10% a deposit to confirm your place followed by 3 further payments of £347.10

Payment available through BACS, PayPal and Stripe.