Deep Dive session

Want more from your career but don’t know how?

  • Are you overwhelmed in your life and career and just not sure what you need?

  • Burnout from your lack of work life balance and know something needs to change?

  • Have lost your confidence due to a career break or being in the same job for X number of years.

  • Feel unsatisfied with the work you do but don’t feel you can do anything else.

What would it feel like if you could have a career you fell in love with?

  • Imagine being in your dream career and getting that promotion and pay rise you have always longed for.

  • Applying for roles you know are perfect for and working in an environment you can really thrive in.

  • Understand more about the different careers you want and get targeted IAG (information, advice and guidance) to help you get there.

  • Take a Career Happiness Seeker Quiz that allows you understand more about your situation and know the type of career seeker you are.

If this is something you know you can benefit from, then this Three Hour Deep Dive session will support you in a way to start planning the kind of career you actually want not the one you think you can’t have because you can 😊!!

During this session we will look at:

1.       The type of career happiness seeker you are

2.       Establishing a plan to help you get to where you want to be.

3.       Creating change in your career and addressing any fears that may be holding you back.

Who is this session for?

  • A busy professional woman who wants to achieve more in her and is feeling unsatisfied with where she currently is.

  • An ambitious and creative woman who is not getting the support she needs right to create an ultimate change. This change could include a career change or starting a business.

  • Ideal for someone who wants to talk about deeper issues within their career and life that have stopped them from achieving what they actual want.

  • This is a session for you if you are curious to know more about the type of career ideas and possibilities you can have.

  • As more time is included in this session you can explore a few different areas that are bespoke to your needs

Why Choose me?

  • I am a qualified careers adviser with over 10 years in careers advice and helping individuals through mentoring, counselling and Information, advice and guidance (IAG).

  • I have had my business for over three years and my work has been featured in Guardian and Happiful magazine.

  • The experience you get with me isn’t just about goals, but it will be a discussion based around your past, present and future. Which will allow us to see how you can develop your career even further.

  • To find more about what careers counselor please visit the following link my Happiful story is mentioned here.

  •   I have been unhappy in my career on more then one occasion and understand what it’s like to be there. Please see my story here

  • I have seen first hand the struggles of a lone parent as my mum was a widow (see Instagram post here)  and am advocate for working mums and have helped many mums return to work. See testimonials page here

What can you expect?

1. This is a 3-hour session designed to address key areas that we will explore from your detailed questionnaire.

2. It also includes a quiz to help you look at the type of career happiness seeker you are (see video) We will explore why this is important.

3. A recording of the session is included if we do this over Zoom.

4. If this session is done in person lunch will be included and there will be a 10% increase added to this due to travel and lunch costs. The venue will be in central London.

5.  A session delivered by a qualified careers counsellor you get to decide what main areas you want to focus on at the beginning of the session.

6.  A 30 minute follow up call will be included two weeks after the session.

£487 online over Zoom

£537 in person lunch and refreshments are included in this

To find out more about this session why not book a call below