Career Happiness Session

Are you unhappy with your career and know you want more?

  • Are you struggling to understand what career happiness means to you?

  • Is your current job paying the bills but not satisfying you?

  • Do you feel you need support with a specific area like how to get headhunted or an upcoming interview etc.

  • Is your situation causing you to feel stressed and you know you need some form of help but have no one else to turn to?

What would it feel like if you could get the support you need?

  • By having someone impartial to help you understand what you want next.

  • Getting specific advice, support and information around your job hunting and career needs.

  • Have a clearer sense of what you should be doing vs what others are saying you should do.

  • Get bespoke careers counselling suited to your needs based on a detailed questionnaire designed to help you get the best possible outcome.

If this sound likes you then the 90-minute Career Happiness session is a great place to start.

During this session we will focus on your

1.       Current Situation

2.       What you need help with

3.       Your goals and actions to help you get there.

Who is this session for?

  • This session is ideal for a woman who is currently in employment or has a business wants to try the Career Happiness Mentor’s services and see what career counselling is like.

  • It’s also ideal for you if you are currently looking for a new job and not getting the results you want.

  • It can also support you if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by your current life and work situation and feel you need to have a discussion in confidence with a professionally trained Careers Adviser.

  • A busy working mum who knows they need to make time for your career.

How can I support you?

  • It’s a client centred session which means you will get a chance to have the focus be on you. This is especially important if you are a mum or someone who is always looking after others.

  • If you feel you need you need motivation in your career this session is the kick start you need.

  • This session can help you with something specific like how to get headhunted on Linkedin or understanding your current situation better. Even just have a career counselling session around work related stress. It will be bespoke to your needs if it’s not something that can be covered in a 90 minute session perhaps think about the career deep dive. This is something that can be discussed in an initial consultation.

  • You will get Information, Advice and Guidance catered to your individual situation.

Why Choose me?

  • I am a qualified careers adviser with over 10 years in careers advice and helping individuals through mentoring, counselling and Information, advice and guidance (IAG)

  • I have had my business for over three years and my work has been featured in Guardian and Happiful magazine.

  • The experience you get with me isn’t just about goals, but it will be a discussion based around your past, future and how you can develop your career.

  • To find more about what careers counsellors do please visit the following link my Happiful story is mentioned here.

What can you expect?

  1. A 90-minute session that will be bespoke to your needs once you return a detailed questionnaire.

  2. Additional videos and reading will be included if it’s relevant to you. For example, any blog posts or videos I have done that could help your situation.

  3. You can do this session in person or over Zoom you will be sent a recording of the session if you do this online. Please note there will be a 15% increase in price for an in-person session. Drinks and refreshments will be included in this.

  4. One additional email for support and questions is included in this service two weeks after the session itself.

£207 for an online zoom session

£237 for a in person session refreshments will be included.

To talk more about how I can help you why not book a call below.