Are you an ambitious woman who wants more?

I am excited to tell you about my three bespoke mentoring programs. Each program has a different purpose and has elements of career counselling, careers advice and mentoring.

These programs have been designed for you to reach your career dreams and are bespoke to your individual needs.

The Job-hunting program is a 4 Week program that is designed for you if you are a woman in employment looking for a new job, mentoring and support. You may want to know how get headhunted on LinkedIn. Or apply for new position or promotion but need the confidence and tools to help you get there.

The New beginnings program - This 8-week program is designed for you if you are a woman who is looking for a career change. Or have an idea around starting a new business or going freelance and being self-employed.

The Career Clarity Program – A 12-week program for women who are feeling confused and need clarity around their true purpose. This is ideal for you if you have been in several jobs or careers and are still figuring out what you really want to do.

The Job hunting program

Is ideal for you are currently looking a new job , promotion and pay rise and want accountability to help you get there. Click on the button below to find out all the details.

The New beginnings program

Is for you if you want a career change, want to go freelance or start a business. Click on the button below to find out all the details.

The Career Clarity program

Is designed for you if you are confused at work and in your career and feel stuck. Click on the button below to find out all the details.

Who is this for?

These mentoring programs are ideal for you if you are:

a)  An ambitious career women who wants more from life but is unsatisfied with how things have panned out and needs guidance to help her move to a position she actually wants to be in.  

b)  A mother who knows she wants a career but feels pressure to be “the perfect mum” whilst maintaining a “perfect career”

c)  A woman who has worked in a toxic work environment and been bullied at work and feels crushed emotionally and needs support to help restart her career.

d) A women who has faced redundancy and feels confused about what to do next how to move on from this.

Why work with me?

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  • I am a qualified careers adviser with a Psychology degree and a PGDip in Career guidance who has extensive experience with helping a wide range of people with their careers. Including young people in schools to college and university students and now the women I work with.

  • I have had my business “The career happiness mentor” for over 3 years now and I have helped a broad range of women feel more confident about their career, go after their dream job and feel empowered by creating “Career happiness” on their terms.

  • I myself have gone through my own career ups and downs. I have faced redundancy, confusion around my career choices, working in toxic environments and even workplace bullying. I know first hand how difficult it is to navigate your way around your career. I have come through the other side and want to help you do what you love too. Please read my story to find out more.

  •  Please see a collection of my testimonials here and client examples on this page to help you see how much I can help you move forward with your career.

  • I have a podcast which you can listen to here and have featured in various offline and online magazines including Happiful magazine,Guardian, Talented ladies club and give advice and support around careers in a holistic way.

  • I am a advocate for mental health and wellbeing having had symptoms of anxiety and depression myself and studied it as part of my degree. Many of the women who come to me have the same issues and I am here to help support you in a empathic and non judgemental way. Especially if you are facing burnout as have been there myself.

  • I have worked with various mentors to help shape my business and have learnt alot about branding, marketing, social media and content creation so if you want to start a business I can give you honest and realistic advice which is relatable and not overwhelming.

Examples of past client success

These are just some of the wonderful women I have worked with who are living their version of career happiness and doing things their way.

Mona who is now working in her dream job in HR read part of her experience here.

Soma is professional in providing guidance during working with Soma she was also kind enough to extend her support for matters outside the course and guide me with right approach to accomplish the desired task. I would definitely recommend Soma to my acquaintances for either or all the services provided by her. “

 Reena who was recently promoted.

 “Thank you Soma for such clear, professional and great advice.

If you looking to boost your career, confidence in yourself and looking to find happiness in your career, I'd highly recommend Soma. She is truly a wonderful lady to work with and very supportive. Thanks Soma. (Task master but in a positive and supportive way).” 

Tracy who found the job she wanted in events after facing redundancy

 “Soma’s ability to understand and sympathise with your issues as well as get to the root of what it is you want is great and I would highly recommend her.”  

Lisa who was recently promoted and offered her dream job

As a result of working with Soma I have become more confident and sure of the career path I wish to take. I have now landed my dream job as a trainee clinical coding auditor as a result of Soma’s help and guidance. Thankyou! “

Irfat a qualified professional who was struggling to get her dream job leveraged Linkedin to find what she wanted whilst we worked together

After working with Soma, it gave me more focus and drive to step out of my comfort zone to pursue a career in luxury retail. It was something that I fell into by chance, when I wasn’t sure which direction to head towards, “

Common questions

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can but you need to pay a deposit to secure your place first plus regular payments after this. You will be sent an invoice at the end of each month to remind you of this. All payment plans are clearly outlined on the individual pages. Each of the three mentoring programs and the deep dive session have payment plans. The only session this doesn’t apply to is the career happiness session which need to paid in full.

How can I guarantee this is the right option for me?

This depends on your mindset and how much you want to make a difference in your life and career. The past results I have created for my clients have been because they have made the most out of our time together. I work honestly and collaboratively with my clients. This is why an initial call is recommended. If you are hesitant it may mean now isn’t the right time for you or this isn’t the right program for you. In terms of the cost of this offering, this is a life changing mentoring experience that is bespoke to you. You won’t get this everyday. So if you feel it’s “too much” it may not be for you. However if you are ready to be more empowered and take on board suggestions and work as a team to provide you with a concrete career strategy then this is for you. A call helps me establish if you are someone who needs my help because I would never take on a client if I think they don’t need it or aren’t quite there yet. It’s important we are on both on the same page.

What would I gain from mentoring with you like this?

Well this depends on what you want? I will be working effortlessly to make sure you get as much from me as possible. You will gain perspective from me as a qualified careers counsellor who is free from bias but will always be honest with you. You will be able to start taking action with your career dreams and feel more confident about your career. Some of the things you could be doing are applying for a promotion, changing your career or job. Even start taking action on working abroad and potentially building a freelance career or business. So this experience could be the pathway to helping you transition in your career sooner rather than later.

What If I want experience career counselling before I commit to a program?

Yes you can do this by doing a one off career happiness session where we look at one specific area or topic during a 90 minute session see details here. I also offer a in depth session which helps you create a plan and strategy for advice around career clarity, job hunting, career change or starting business etc. This allows you get additional support that you won’t get in a 90 minute session. We can also uncover more of the challenges and possible blocks that are holding you back from pursuing what you actually want. To find out more please go here

What is the main difference between doing one off sessions and the program?

The one off sessions are great for working on a specific area and you giving support, advice and guidance for what you want in the present moment. The difference between the one off session and the deep dive compared to the programs are you don’t get additional accountability along the way. So if you you commit to a program you have more of me so that you can ask me questions through our weekly session via voxer or email support and generally have availability to verify more with me for 4 weeks, 8 week or 12 weeks etc. The other advantage is if you are creating a business , applying for promotion etc you won’t be on your own. What makes the one off session different is I will give you some tools but the additional support, time and resources and of course me isn’t present there. So it depends on what you want your ultimate outcome to be and how much support you need. This is why having a initial chat is a good place to understand what will work best for you.

Why is the career clarity program longer than the other two programs?

Career Clarity is what takes the longest to work though for a few different reasons. One of them is as a career counsellor it will be my job to work with you to help you understand your values, your fears and challenge you on things you may not be confronting. It takes longer because it’s important we explore all the possibilities that are available to you. Not just the ones you think are available. A lot of mindset work is involved in this but will also depend on you as an individual. From my own experience of career clarity and working with others it can take longer because this program is about self discovery, career and so much more. It’s important to understand what is causing your career confusion resolve this and unearth your hidden beliefs and what you actually want versus what others want for you. This is why it’s longer compared to the others and also I will be suggesting more books, videos etc for your as part of this program because it’s a learning process.

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To discuss how to make your dream career let’s have a chat to see how I can help you.