The 12-week program Career Clarity Program this is for the women who are confused, feeling lost and need clarity around their true purpose.

Are you a go-getting woman who knows she is worthy of more but feels confused about what she really wants?

  • Are you confused about what you truly want and have ended up working based on your qualifications and skills rather then your values and what you enjoy?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities out there and have thus put it off?

  • You know you need to change your current situation but are scared by what it could bring up.

  • Feel ashamed by your sense of no direction but know it’s because you need to understand more about yourself to get there.

What if you could understand what you truly love and know what your values were and apply these values to a career and job your truly love?

  • What if you knew what the possibilities were for your future and this helped you move forward?

  • How would it feel to understand the steps you need to take in order to get your dream career and feel excited about this?

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to understand that you needed to go through this to get to your ideal job, career etc.

  • What if you had more awareness of what makes you tick and realise that understanding your values and sense of purpose could help you know what you really want.

Who is this for?

  • A woman is ready for a new challenge but just hasn’t got clarity on what she really wants.

  • A professional woman who is seeking job satisfaction and is job hopping but there is still something missing.

  • A women or mum who has recently gone through redundancy or loss and is at a crossroads and is wondering about what possibilities they could go after if they were to explore this.

  • A woman who knows they need to understand more about all the possible avenues open to them. Yet feels overwhelmed about what these options could and needs some support to help her get there.

How can I support you?

  • This program helps you uncover what is causing you to feel confused. I will work with you to understand what is causing career confusion and will do this through career counselling tools and other methods.

  • We will work together to explore all of the different career ideas and your perceptions of what working life means to you. This will involve certain elements of psychology, career counselling, career advice, mentoring etc.

  • Understanding why you may have had repeated work patterns like job hopping, burn out, workplace bullying, redundancy etc. Then helping you move forward with this to give practical solutions to so you can phase out a new career direction.

  • Giving you realistic Information advice and guidance according to your current situation and helping you uncover what it means for you to be career happy.

  • Helping you understand more about why career clarity is more common than you think and giving you support to realise this is a process that will potentially help shape your future and that change is a good thing.

  • Overcoming your fear of doing different things outside your career and going out of your comfort zone to address what your true personality wants and how this links in with your unique values and beliefs as an individual.

  • We will do a lot of deep digging into your beliefs about you, the world and how others see you and I will support you to understand that clarifying what you want is a journey that has more than one potential door but it’s the door you want to open that will be uncovered.

How it works?

  1. A detailed and bespoke questionnaire will be sent you including finding out what additional support you may want and access to videos, articles and additional reading etc.

  2. You will have a 2-hour intensive session before we start the 12 weeks of mentoring together

  3. .You will get to take do the career happiness seeker quiz which will briefly go through in the intensive session to see if additional support is needed.

  4. .After the intensive session you will a weekly 90-minute session with me. A recording of the session will be sent to you.

  5. You will be sent a short questionnaire before every session to detail what you want to cover.

  6. .Additional support is included in the form of voxer or email support. You can only pick one form of additional support.

  7. This program also includes a recording of the online Career Clarity workshop included see details here

A two-hour intensive session of career mentoring, counselling and support.

Followed by 12 x 90-minute sessions which will take place over zoom.

13 sessions in total = Total = £2811

Payment plan available of a 10% deposit to secure your place plus 11 further payments of £229.99 

Payment available through BACS, PayPal and Stripe.