This Mastermind is designed to help business owners who have had a business for a few years already and are looking to go the new level in their business.

You could be feeling the following right now:

  • Overwhelmed by all the business support out there and are unsure what is best for you.

  • Feeling isolated and want to surround yourself with other business owners.

  • Want to learn more about social media and marketing but just feel it’s like a new language.

  • Know you need some solid accountability with your goals and actions but are struggling to make progress.

This could mean you are:

  • Looking to expand your business or create different ways of delivering your business.

  • Going in a different direction and want some support with helping you move forward

  • Want to learn more about content creation and social media.

  • Need a supportive community of other like-minded business owners who know what it’s like

  • Feel isolated and know you need clarity on your business goals but unsure where to start.

How about if you could have a way of having this supportive structure to move forward in your business. This is why I have created my own business mastermind Masterminds are a great way of creating strong relationships with other like minded people. Learning from them and helping each other with your businesses.

What makes it different to other Masterminds?

  1. You have 3 tiers to choose to from so you can choose what level of support you need according to your current situation.

  2. I have worked with numerous coaches and mentors and have had my business for over 2 years now. So the expertise I bring covers social media, psychology,careers advice, PR and marketing.

  3. You will learn about how you can be unique and stand out in your business as this something I have been able to do well and create the customers you want.

  4. Lastly if you need to change in your business this is a great mastermind for you because change is an area I help my clients conquer

This is how it works:

We will get together every month and you will come to the call with a problem in your business or something that is stopping you making progress. Everyone will have a chance to put their problem forward and will support you in moving forward.

My role is to help anchor the mastermind and be the chair for you all. You will need to commit to the mastermind for 3 months. Plus, there are three ways of getting support by being part of this mastermind.

You have 3 tiers to choose from and depending on the level of support you want we will have a call each month. Whatever Tier you choose. Tier 2 and Tier 3 include extra features please read below to find out more.

Tier 1 Standard

One 2 hour call per month call plus an accountability worksheet which you fill in and send back to me and I will touch base with you 2 weeks after the call to check how you are doing.

Price: £141 or 3 payments of £47

Tier 2 Special

One 2 hour per month call plus accountability worksheet and

3 online trainings over the 3 months

Training 1 Social Media – Looking at LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Training 2 Organising your time with me and Nirmala Iyer

Training 3 Business Goals and Planning

Training 4 (Bonus if you sign up by February 14th) Content Marketing – Looking at Blogs, Videos and Opt-in, Newsletters.

£351 or 3 Payments of £117 per month

Tier 3 Extra Special Support

One 2 Hour call per month hour call, accountability worksheet, 3 online trainings, plus 3x 45 minute Business mentoring calls with me where will explore something you need help with in your business in a more one to one way.

£771 or 3 Payments of £257 per month.

To set up a call to discuss if this right for you please book the link here.
Mastermind will begin from 18th February and finish in May 20th.