3 Signs you are being bullied at work?

I get asked a lot about workplace bullying and this video is something I wanted to share with you all because many people don’t often realise, they are even being bullied.

It’s something that keeps coming up and I feel passionate about not just because I have been bullied at work myself but because it’s a lot of more common then we think. According TUC nearly a third of people are being bullied at work.

In this video I give some signs to spot if you or someone you know suspects they are being bullied at work.

Some the things I have mentioned in the video include

1. Subtle signs – like checking up on your work unnecessarily through email or just showing up. Getting people to spy on you or just feeling uncomfortable with how your bully deals with you.

2.  Embarrassing or undermining you – putting you down in front others or undermining you and your work in way that is unprofessional. Maybe laughing at you or just making you feel embarrassed in front of others.

3.  Being shouted at or feeling threatened- It’s not acceptable to feel scared at work. Being shouted at is incredibly Intimidating. Even if you have done something wrong there is a way of communicating this and is not the way. This may lead you to feel scared or just unnerved at work.

Please note it’s OK to ask for help and I also wrote an article on thrive global about what to do if you think you are being bullied. Please see link here

If you have been affected by bullying currently please get support and if you think you need my support through career mentoring to help change your situation please book in a 15 minute consultation here

Much love

Soma x