5 Reasons why the career mentoring programs aren’t for you?

In this post I explore five reasons why the career mentoring I offer may not be for you. To find out more please see post below.

1.  I don’t have all the answers, but I can help you explore what you need - Many people come to me to hoping I can be a career Houdini for them.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. I can support you to think about your career. Come up with ideas and suggest options but it’s important you also consider what you want too. I will ask you a lot of questions and the skills I have as a career’s counsellor help me uncover what may be really going on with you. However, I can’t tell you want to do. This is up to you. I work with clients in a bespoke client centered way. So, suggestions are always given as well as advice but it’s for you to take board what works for you. As the work we will do is about you and never about me. I am a facilitator for you. As well as a mentor, I will guide you be honest with you and always be supportive but I don’t know everything so it’s up to us to work together to help you get the results you want.

2.   You aren’t open to new ideas. – If you aren’t willing to take on board suggestions and ideas career mentoring won’t be for you. You need to come with an open mind and not a closed one. I want you have opinions and not be shy about what you like and don’t like however if you completely shun a suggestion and are still feel frustrated than the mentoring will just not work. The ideas I will suggest are about us exploring what makes you tick and what excites you. Many of the women I talk to feel frustrated, alone and often overwhelmed. They feel unenthusiastic because of their life circumstances and need to feel excitement about their career. Some of the ideas we discuss may seem scary and a bit out of your comfort zone at times but if you really want to make changes in your career this may be the only way forward for you.

3.  Trusting the process and each other – If you want to change your career, start a business, get career clarity and get that promotion you have always wanted you need trust the process and each other. I will give you many tools to help your career happiness journey and make it a better one for you. It’s key that you are a team player and collaborate with me to make these ideas happen. For example, if I am helping you with career change and you are negative or feel that career change is just not something that is feasible even though it’s actually your dream career. Working together won’t work. I will be working on your career with you but I will also be looking at in a holistic way and using my psychology background to help uncover your values and passion. The process may be at times uncomfortable but it’s important we trust each other if it’s going to work.

4.   You aren’t willing to do the work in order to change I will be doing some hand holding and offering you as much support careers advice, counselling etc as much as possible but if you don’t do the work nothing will happen. You need to apply for the jobs, apply for the courses, set up a website etc. I unfortunately can’t do any of those for you but I can be your biggest fan and give you the get go and enthusiasm to keep you going to help you create the career you want. If you don’t do the work then the result of being in your dream career just won’t happen.

5.  You have unrealistic expectations - If you want to start a singing career or become a Hollywood screen play writer or even an astronaut then the mentoring program is properly not for you. Not to say people can’t have these careers they can but it’s important to be realistic. If you have lofty career aspirations, I properly can’t help you. Not because I am not for ambitious women not going for their dreams of course I am. However, it’s important you think about what you want within your lifestyle. For example, if you want to start a business and think being a YouTube star will solve all your problems. Then the guidance I offer just won’t fit this. Another example of this may be that you want to change your career but aren’t willing to take on extra qualifications or skills this goes back to no 4. Also, when I mean expectations, I also mean the expectations you have of me as you mentor. I will only be available to help and support you during our sessions and not late evenings or weekends.

Career mentoring is about us working together to help you feel supported and begin the career journey you want. I will be your ultimate supporter, careers counsellor, accountability buddy, and mentor. To find out more please visit the career mentoring page here

If you want to find out more about how I can help you with career mentoring please also read the blog post here as to how career mentoring can help and if you found this blog useful please book a no obligation call here to discuss working together.

Wishing you lots of career happiness

Soma x