How to find career happiness - Strategies of dealing with unhappiness at work

This video and blog post is aimed at those of you who can't always leave their job straight away and gives you some strategies to deal with unhappiness before you find another job or go to pastures new.When you realise you are unhappy at work you can't always leave your job straight away. So this video and blog post gives you some strategies to deal with the unhappiness before you find another job or are able to plan for an alternative option. 

The three tips I share in the video are as as follows. 

1. Balance yourself everyday - I speak about meditation in this video this is a key practice to restoring balance in your life. You can practice meditation or mindfulness to help relieve stress and get rid of worrying thoughts. It also helps you keep calm and grounded. I would also add here by doing positive affirmations  every morning after you meditate your mind will also be focused on having a good day. An example of a positive affirmation to help you cope with your working day could be "I am going to have a good day today no matter what". This will help you stay in this positive frame of mind no matter how stressed or overwhelmed you may feel. It will also allow you to cope with the happiness in a calm way where you are not becoming anxious about feeling overwhelmed etc. To find some examples of affirmations you can visit youtube. 

2. Expressing your emotions - When you are unhappy at work you are likely to be suffering from a myriad of emotions and that's ok. Expressing these emotions can sometimes be really hard especially if you know you are putting on a bit of an act at work and pretending everything is ok when its not. This is where expressing your emotions is very important. Take some time to write in a journal either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Write down free hand how you are feeling about everything for at least 10-15 minutes. Then read it back if you have had an especially horrible week or day at work this will help you reflect on your feelings and allow you to see how you feeling without bottling things up. You may have a friend or partner you can share your concerns with and talking to someone can also really help too. Be open and honest about your situation and remember if you are unhappy at work that's ok. Just be kind to yourself here and remember your situation isn't permanent its something you can get out. 

3. Exercise - If you are not releasing your emotions other feelings can also pop up. That is why exercise is an amazing way to release anger, stress and anxiety. If your unhappiness is causing you to feel depressed exercise can really help elevate your mood. When we exercise we release endorphins, Which is hormone that makes us feel good. It also helps us feel less stressed, energised and overall improves our mood. So exercising regularly whilst unhappy a work will help you cope day to day. If you feel frustrated at work and about your current situation this will help you feel more relaxed and release this frustration whilst helping you feel better. Notice periods can take time and this could help you cope with a long notice period at work or pending redundancy. 

4. Doing something fun - Your work life balance is important so it's important to do something fun just for you. This could be anything that you enjoy doing like going on a mini break, having a massage or doing something which is a hobby for you and spending the whole day doing it. For example if you like cooking maybe going to a cooking class for the day or doing something different like a dance class. This will help you to relax and not think about any work issues you may be having. Also its important to do things like this so that you remember the things you do life and you restore any unhappiness you may be feeling at work. 

I really hope that these tips help you whether you are thinking about getting a new job. Or have recently quit and are looking for a new job. It's important to remember however stressed you may feel now this time will pass and you will definitely get through it. 

If you want to find out more about "How to find your career happiness". I I did a series of videos on how to find career happiness watch the rest on the Facebook page 

 Other topics I spoke in this series included: 

  • 2 Key words to help define your definition of career happiness. 
  • Your purpose and why 
  • What your future looks like with career happiness 
  • Action points to take towards getting Career happiness 

If you are career unhappy and want to change this these videos will help kickstart this. For more 1-1 support especially if you are feeling really fed up and know now is the time to change please book in for a free consultation here 

Hope you this blog encourges you in moving forward and wishing you career happiness for 2018. 

Many thanks 

Soma x 



Should you quit your job if you are unhappy at work?

Should you quit your job if you are unhappy at work?  It depends on the situation but sometimes it can be the release that some of the women I work with need. Having said that it’s not the solution for everyone because if there are financial obligations or children involved it’s not that simple. Especially if additional support systems are not in place like savings, family etc.

In the video above I address some the key factors to think about before you hand your notice in and whether it's the right choice for you. 

1, Why - What is the why behind your lack of enjoyment. Is it the people you work with, work environment, lack of progression etc. Make sure you take some time to really pinpoint the why behind the unhappiness and reasons for wanting to leave. if the reasons are manageable and you know you can't quit due to financial or family obligations then quitting may not be the answer for you. 

2. Possible solutions - Think about what solutions you can plan towards before you quit. Finding another job, changing your career. Doing another job which uses the transferable skills you have. Or if you are interested in going freelance and starting a business. Where can you get this support and who can you be networking with to help to plan towards this? Having some possible solutions in place will help keep you motivated towards a goal so you are not leaving a job without a strategy. it's important to think about what you think will help create your career happiness. 

3. A list of all the worst possible things that could happen. - Making this list is important to help you realise what your fears and anxieties are around quitting your job. It could be that when you read it back it's not actually that bad and maybe you are able to survive on your savings for a few months. Or maybe you are self sabotaging and feeling influenced by what others may say about you if you quit. However if you read it back and money is an issue or you have debts, mortgages and other things you are responsible for then maybe quitting is not the best case scenario for you right now. 

So should you quit the job you are unhappy in? This is really about your mindset and your capacity to thrive. If you know you have no other option and it's making miserable and causing you havoc maybe it is the right option. Having a plan is key here whether you can quit or not. It's possible you have to go through a bit of short term pain in order to reach your dream job. Either way I would say stay true to your convictions and follow your instincts because if you know there are bigger and better things are around the corner for you quitting your job could be the best you ever do. 

If you want to find out more about this and how I can help you further with your career mentoring needs please feel free to send me a message on the contact page or you can book a free 1 hour consultation with me at the following link 

Go and seek your true definition of career happiness. 

Much Love 

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What is your unique selling point?

I wrote a blog post about this on my original careers blog I started back in 2010. About your USP and how to use this to market your skills to stand out to employers. To read that post please go the following link

That blog post was looking at helping graduates who were struggling to find out a job and thus using their unique selling point.

In this post, I want to share how you can use your unique selling point to get a job you really want. I will be sharing some key things to consider. Firstly, let’s look at what a unique selling point is. A USP is a marketing term used to sell products in business to see what makes them unique or different to what is already out there. One thing I see with a lot the women I work with is their ability to undermine their true talents and potential. I wanted to do this post because I believe everyone has something unique to bring to the table especially when job hunting or looking for a new job. So, I am sharing some tips on how you can tap into this.

1.       Write a list of the all the things that make you unique – Some of you may struggle with this one a little bit but think about what makes you different to other job candidates. Are you an avid fitness fanatic? Do you, do charity work at the weekends? Or maybe you sing in a choir or have done voluntary work in another country. The list may also include any abilities you have that go outside your work but could help you look favourable to an employer. For example, if you teach rock climbing somewhere and are going for an education based role this will show that your passionate for teaching and learning already. One of my unique skills is to write and I mentioned in my last interview my passion for writing and research in careers education which impressed by former employer.

2.       Are you Bilingual? – Speaking another language can help when applying to certain roles. So, if you do speak another language especially Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic etc. Then don’t be afraid to include this on your CV or application. Most of the languages I have mentioned apart from English are some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. When I worked in Islington knowing my native language Bengali sometimes helped me speak to parents. Employers love Bilingual job candidates especially if travel is a huge part of the work you do.

3.       Bring your personality along for ride – Your personality is key to you getting the job you want. Depending on the company and its culture make sure to research that properly before you apply to a company or go for an interview. It’s important to make sure their values and culture will suit you as a person. When you submit your application, CV, interview or give a presentation make sure you are being 100% authentic. Its ok to show the real you obviously maintain professionalism but don’t shy away from showing your true personality. By me showing my passion for careers education in my last interview it got me a job.

4.       Business experience/ side project – If you haven’t been in a job for a while or have been in between jobs. Showing you have had a small start-up or side project can say heaps to a potential employer. You haven’t just been waiting for the right job you have been proactive and learning and building your own skills. It also shows you are a self-starter and most employers love people who are motivated and can start working as soon as possible. Enthusiasm is key to any job role.

Think about these 4 points to help draw out your unique selling points. Be a memorable job candidate who won’t easily be forgotten.

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4 Reasons you may not be getting to the interview stage of your job hunt.

The struggle with many of the women I work with is getting through to the interview stage. They fill in the applications have a CV, write cover letters. They even join recruiters but they are still not getting called for any interviews. So why is this happening lets explore below. 

1. Lack of experience - If you lack experience in the field you are applying for or this isn't represented well on your CV or application. Then chances are an employer or recruiter may not want to take a chance on you, Employers are looking for candidates who have the right experience and can start doing the work straight away. The reason why experience is so important is because during your interview you may be asked for specific examples of how to perform the job role and without experience how can you do this. 

2. Their application - If your application form or CV doesn't best exhibit what you have to offer this could be the reason you aren't getting called for interviews. Please bear in mind though that your application needs to stand OUT. If you are playing it safe by only focusing on the essential skills and qualifications needed in the application your personal statement could be showing the difference between being good to being outstanding.  Show them you really want it by also exhibiting and highlighting examples for desirable skills they want too. You want to make an impact on a piece of paper and give them a need to want to meet you. 

3. Their qualifications - Qualifications are important for particular job roles. In fact the level of qualifications needed for certain job roles has become more standardized. For example if you are applying for HR or project management positions you may need particular qualification like the CIPD or the Prince 2 etc. Also to be a teacher or careers adviser it is a requirement you have a level postgraduate in education or careers advice or equivalent level 6 qualifications. Qualifications are great but try not just focus on them too much. You want to sound interesting and show off the experience, skills and knowledge you have. Not just the education you have.

4. Applying for the wrong type of job - I see so many women I work with apply for the wrong type of job roles. What I mean by this is they want a job so much they apply for the wrong type of job role that doesn't fit their skills or experience. The danger with this is if you are applying for the wrong type of job roles and can't evidence the experience you won't be called for an interview. 

So after reading this have you realized why you aren't getting to the interview stage yet. Do you feel you need more support around this. If so I would love to help you get there. To apply for free careers consultation please go to the following link . 

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Much Love

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Applying directly to unlikely oraganizations


This is a video I did in the summer. I wanted to share this with because its an area that gets overlooked sometimes when people are job hunting. 

1. Look at unlikely organisations like schools, colleges etc. Especially for administrative roles. Or roles that you want to pursue on a part time basis. This may be especially helpful for any mums who are looking to go back and want to go back to work but want flexible hours. 

2. Transferable skills - Certain roles could allow you to use the skills you have already and apply for roles with the experience you already have. In the video I mention case worker etc. I was a trained careers adviser but I have worked in non careers roles like an attendance adviser, academic adviser etc. This has been due to my experience of working with young people. You may have a background in business and finance and see a role available in a college or other organisation that is looking for someone who could be a business adviser or help with marketing etc. If you already have experience in this area you can use your transferable skills to apply to similar roles. The main way of accessing this is having a good look at the job description of the vacancy available and asking yourself two honest questions. 1. With the Essential Skills listed in the JD do I have these skills and how can explain this in a interview? 2. Can I really see myself doing the tasks required in this job and why is this so important to me? The reason why these questions are so important is because you need to make sure you portray both aspects on your application form in the personal statement section and in your interview. If this doesn't come across you may not the role. 

3. Application Forms - Do you need help with your application form especially the personal statement section as this is the most important section. I don't have a exclusive offer for support with application forms but if you are interested in something like this please let me know and I can offer a job hunting session or any other services on the job hunters must haves instead. Here is the link 

To find out more about how I can support you please visit to book a free 30 mintue chat with me. 

Many thanks

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CV tips Video  

I have helped many women with their CVs and I get lots of questions on what is essential and what isn't essential etc. So I thought would put this video and post together for anyone who is currently job hunting. Or anyone who has been in the same job for a long time and now fancies changing. Please note these are suggestions that have worked for myself and the women I have helped. If you belong to a specialist sector you may have to include technical elements to your CV. Please make sure if you are unsure about this you speak to a current or past colleague who can support you with this.

Here are the tips I discuss in the video.

1. Personal Profile - Tells your potential employer the type of job you are looking for. It should be a concise outline of your experience and who you are as person. You may want to include what you value as an individual and how you wish to progress throughout your career. Be enthusiastic and show your passion for growth. 

2. Key Achievements - Is a really great section to that can help add value to your CV. You can talk about the fact that maybe you completed a marathon or you won an award at work. This is a great way to help share some of the great things you have achieved both on a personal and professional level. So that an potential employer can see what you truly have to offer.

3. Professional bodies - Make sure you mention if you belong to a professional board of membership.As this will show your professional development and on-gong interest within your field of work. 

4. Personal interests or hobbies and interest - Your CV is your opportunity to help you stand out from other potential employees. Don't forgot to show your true character and personality. This section will show you have interests outside work as well as being someone who enjoys what they do. Remember this is something that you can use as extra section its not something that is compulsory though. 

I hope these tips help. As I mentioned in the video make sure your Personal Profile and Key achievements section are well written. If you want any further advice or tips please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks and wish you all best with finding the job you are looking for.

Soma x

Why you should go networking alone?


Networking is something which many people don't enjoy doing but it can be really helpful if you are job hunting or looking for a job. Its also really useful if you are considering or thinking about starting a business. I talk in this video about why you should networking alone but also some of the feelings people feel anxious about before going to a networking event. In this blog post I delve a little bit deeper into why its an important aspect to continue with this aspect throughout your life. Especially if you are looking to progress or change your career.  

1. Don't be nervous -It's natural that you may feel a little bit nervous about going networking. Especially if its not really part of the current industry you belong to. Or you have never had to do much before now. Remember everyone is there to meet each other and connect. Its OK to be a bit nervous. Especially if you are a introvert. You may not feel comfortable talking to people you don't know. Or unsure about how to approach others. Just let this evolve naturally.

2. Have fun - If you are talking to lots and lots of people at a networking event and not enjoying it, this may not be a method that just doesn't suit who you you are. We are all driven by people. So if you feel the vibe of a event or the people are not on your wavelength that's OK?  Networking should also be about having fun and feeling positive about the people you meet. Test the waters by going to different networking events and seeing where you feel comfortable and where you don't and always ask yourself why, you not feel right at a event. If you are having fun conversations with others and enjoying it, you know its for you and ultimately this will help with your job progression or business. 

3. Go alone - You may struggle with this one a little bit however if you go networking with another friend or colleague chances are you may not mingle with someone you would normally talk to. Its important and better to go alone especially if its surrounding your own personal and career growth. Also if you already struggle with your confidence a little networking can be a great way to help you realise that you can do it on your own without someone else by your side. You never know you could even meet a potential employer or prospective business partner.

4. Networking online - Networking isn't just about connecting offline at events you can also network online. Methods for a professional capacity in terms of finding a job can include LinkedIn or Twitter. In fact some people are even networking with recruiters and employers on Facebook sometimes.  The difficulty with networking offline especially if you message someone they may not always see or reply to your message unless they have meet you or know you. Remember if someone does connect with you on any platform there is no harm in reaching out to them and sent them a message if you feel called to do so. However only do this if there is something that specifically draws you to the person or you know you would love to have an opportunity to talk to them. 

5. Making connections and collaborating - Networking can help you make new connections and give you a chance to even create possible collaborations with people especially if you are business owner. Networking isn't just about making connections though its also about building on those connections and remembering that someday someone may need your help also. Remember to be open to this. If you are looking for a career change and you meet someone in a similar position you could both champion each other on and support your journeys along the way. I myself have made some great business friends. Don't go networking with an attitude of getting something out of it only. As others will see right though this and you won't come across as authentic. 

7. Don't let people's comments or judgments put you off - The first networking event I went to I had a great time but I did meet someone who was very judgmental about me. She made an assessment about me within the first 5 seconds of meeting me. I was a little taken a back but I realised it was properly a little bit more about her then me. Be prepared to meet a few difficult or even crafty people. Don't let their thoughts or judgments stop you from doing and being who you are. If this does happen to you brush off any comments and swiftly move on from speaking to them. 

I hope these suggestions help you see why networking and going alone may be useful for both you and your professional life. It can really open doors for you and get you known by people you may never of met if you stopped yourself going. 

If you have any further questions about this or want to book in a free career consultation with me please go to the following link

Wishing you career happiness. 


Soma x 

No Job is unworthy?

I made this youtube video a while ago as a result of many clients undervaluing their worth. Especially if they belonged to a certain job or profession.

Some key points made 

1. Every job has value-   Every job has amazing skills that can be applied and transferred elsewhere. Just because a job doesn't have high qualifications doesn't mean the job is unworthy or not valuable. 

 2  Respect jobs based on skills not qualification. - You should value your experience and qualifications but don't judge someone for working in Tesco or being a cleaner. Value their skills and what they do too. 

3. Focus on your transferable skills- What skills do have you that can be implemented in a new job role or career. If you have a high level of communication skills and teamwork and you want it retrain its important to use these skills you already have and work towards what you want. 

So I hope this blog post gives you some food thought but also makes you realise that not only is every job valuable but if you are prepared to work hard you may need to take on jobs that aren't always for you. Sometimes it may even be for short while but if so that is ok. 



Tips about using Linkedin


Hi all I wanted to do this video for you all because many clients ask me is it essential to have a LinkedIn profile and how can they best use it. If you want to be head hunted and market yourself through an on-line method LinkedIn could be an ideal tool but its about knowing how to use it that really matters.

Here are the tips I mention in the video.

1. Having a great profile picture - Make sure you have a clear head-shot so your face can be seen clearly. It helps if its been taken professionally with a white background but if this is not possible that's OK. Use your judgement, don't put up a profile picture which looks unprofessional or unflattering such as selfie etc.

2. Your Summary - Should tell potential employers about who you are as person. Some of your personal interests. Add a little bit of personality to it. It could be you are an experienced IT consultant etc. but instead of writing that why not put something like. "A highly skilled computer consultant who is good at ...... Make it exciting to read and add some of your own personality to it so that people will want to connect with you. Show you passion here. You want people to be interested in what have to offer.

3. Connections - This section acts as the professional network of people who you are connected to. This could be people we you have worked with in past or your current colleagues etc. Or even any professionals you have met at events or training. Some people you don't know may ask to connect with you . If this happens make sure you always send them a message to find out what draw them to your profile and why they wanted to connect. As this can help build your professional network and if you are job hunting you never know this person could in fact even be able to help you. If in doubt of anyone who wants to add you and it seems suspicious or not related to what you are interested in just don't add them.

4. LinkedIn Premium - Is an optional extra which you pay a charge for. This includes the feature of sending extra messages to any connections who are not in your current network. This may especially be important if you are looking for a new role. You don't have to have a Premium account to enjoy its full benefits though. As I mentioned in the video you do have an advantage of seeing who everyone is that actually views your profile in a advanced way but this may not be very important to you. So LinkedIn Premium is probably better for people who use LinkedIn every day if this isn't you it may not be worth the investment.

5. LinkedIn groups - Are a great way of connecting with people in groups. Seeing what job opportunities are on offer and also seeing what professionals in your line of work are talking about. If you use these groups probably you never know the right opportunity or employer could be in a group that you are interested in.

6. Act Professionally - LinkedIn is not a social networking site. So keep messages and content on your profile completely professional and in line with the type of roles you are looking for. If you feel people are trying to connect with you for the wrong reasons you have the right to not add them or even block them.

7. Help support others - Use LinkedIn as a tool to help and support your other colleagues. If the line of work you are in is going through many changes why not share articles via the LinkedIn post feature to show this. Or if you know someone is looking for a vacancy or you know of a vacancy somewhere why not share this on LinkedIn etc.

I hope this video and post helps and gives you some sound advice on how to use LinkedIn properly.

Wishing you all the best and if you have any further questions always happy to help.

Soma x

Using your intuition to make decisions

Hi everyone this is a video I have done about intuition I wanted to share this with you all. Because I want you to think about if you use your intuition to make important life decisions. I always talk about intuition and think its something we can't ignore but have decided to listen to that inner voice more. I would definitely recommend you read "Thrive" by Arianna Huffington and also do your own research about intuition and what it means to you?

Whatever decisions you are making right now whether this be changing your job, moving to another country or buying a new house. Do you use intuition to help you? You may ask yourself what is intuition?  Intuition can be described as being "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning." In order words your gut or inner voice telling you that something feels right or not. So do you use it enough and in your everyday life?

As I mention in the video Steve jobs used intuition to make many of his business decisions. To find out more read this really interesting article I found on LinkedIn about Steve jobs time in India and how this helped him relate to intuition.

So where ever you are in your life right now remember listen to your intuition you never know the opportunities and people it could bring into your life.

All the best.



What can we learn from American Beauty?

One of my favourite all time movies is American Beauty. I just happened to come across it on sky movies the other day and wanted to watch it as hadn't seen it in ages :)!Whilst watching it me and my husband realised there are so many amazing life and career lessons you can learn from this movie. For anyone who hasn't seen the movie sorry be ready for spoiler alerts and if you haven't go watch it now.

Lesson 1 happiness at work and life is important

I help amazing women go out there and find their dream job and build a life they want. If we relate this to the character of Lester Burnam a middle aged man who isn't happily married hates his job and lives for the sake of doing things. Until one day something and someone changes who he is. If you like his character, had the opportunity to just quit your job and work in a job that actually made you happy would you do it? Yes it is only a movie and some parts are a tad unrealistic and over the top for dramatic effect lol. However I really want you to think about if you really are unhappy in your life. Do you want to end up as he phrases it to his wife "Soulless".

Lesson 2 You could die tomorrow so do something now

All of us need to work for money, mortgage, kids etc. but how many of us question and take the time to think what if we actually die tomorrow? This is exactly what happened to his character he dies at the end but weirdly he died happy. Wouldn't it be better to live a life on your terms and die happy then die miserably. Japan is known for having one of the worst work cultures there have been many incidents of people dying there due to overworking. The term used for this in Japanese is know as "HARA-KIRI" which means "death by overwork". 

Lesson 3 Quitting your job may not be the answer

You may think you don't have the confidence or luxury to do what Lester Burnam did by quitting his cooperate job to go work in a Burger place and yes this isn't realistic for most people. However what is realistic for you and is going to make you happy?Quitting your job is often a last resort for many of you. If you know you can't quit your job due to financial reasons that's OK but make sure what you do changes your current working situation. Taking action sooner rather then later is the answer to this. Whether this be finding a new job, changing your career or even taking some leave from work to help you figure things out.

Lesson 4 Do you really want to turn into a bitter angry person who only cares about money?

Lester's wife is a very interesting character in the film She has her own real estate company which isn't doing very well and is very unhappy. The main difference between the two characters is she sees money as being important to her. Whilst he stops caring so much about money and what makes him happy. They say money is root of all evil. Its important to have money but sometimes just sometimes I see so many people so focused on it so much it effects their relationships and everything else. This sometimes leads them to becoming bitter and very unhappy is that really what you want? If you have money concerns right now talk to someone who can help you because being angry will lead you no where. Do you want to make your life  just about money? If the answer to this is a big no, why not take some time to think about all the things and people who make you happy in your life and start reaping the benefits of that. Enjoy your life now,don't not let small incidents be a set back.

Lesson 5 Live a life on your terms.

The characters of Lester Burnam and Ricky Fitts in this movie both starting living life on their terms. They were both in charge of their destiny. It may sound clichéd they are only movie characters lol. However how many people do you know who live their life on their terms and do it  their way, probably not many. For the few people who do you may think they are rebels or black sheep . You will see these people are probably a lot more happier then those who have tried to conform and please other people. If you live life to please others you will never be happy. Do what you want to before its too late. 

So these are the five lessons you can learn from this very powerful movie. Be happy in your life and career. If right now, if you aren't you can always change this. Just believe that you are your own master and commander no one else. You can do anything you want to do. Just remember to do it before its too late. We are all born ,live life and die so if you know you need to change something do it sooner rather then later.  So before that happens make sure you start living the life you want to right now.

Wishing you all the best

Soma x


Is career change really that challenging

I remember telling someone what I did as a career. They told me they wanted to change their career but its far too challenging. I hear this sort of comment and other comments like "Its too hard to change their career" " Or "its just not that easy" However is it really that challenging and if it is how can we break it down to make easier not harder. On general analysis a few key things can contribute to someone changing their career and sticking to this new path.

1. Attitude - If you have the right attitude your career change will be better for you. Being positive about your career change is important. The more positive you are the better your new journey will be.

2. Determination - Being determined about your career change "I will have a new career and must keep going". If its what you really want don't give up.

3. Perseverance - When we are persistent with something it tends to happen more. Whilst on your career change journey you may experience struggles with juggling lots of things. Its about sticking to your end road and despite the difficulties carrying on despite the challenges you face.

4. Realistic - Sometimes embarking on a career change requires time and if you have to study again this may mean being realistic about what you need to do.

These four components can help further your career change but more then that if you are determined to change you will. You have the power to do this. If you need support doing this people can always help.

Career change is a challenge its not meant to be easy. If you know its worth it, maybe its worth doing. Moliere says“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” A career change is not meant to be easy but if you know it can make you happier, give you want you want and create a life you really crave then it should be worth it. 

So is career change challenging yes it is, but most of the things we really to need work for are. So remember your end goal and stick to it.

Do you stomp on your own ambition?

Ambition its an ugly word right or is it? Depending on what you think about ambition and how you define it. The online dictonary defines ambition as being"an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment:" So how ambitious are you and do you think you stomp on your ambition. Many of the women I speak to have ambitions and dreams to achieve more. They want to serve others in a way which is unique and feel gratitude for the things they do. Sometimes though when a hard-working women is in a job they are extremely unhappy in their ambition goes out the window. Hearing comments like "You want to start your own company making jewellery , are you crazy get real.  That's never going to happen ever." This would put anyone off but if you constantly hear this it may help you stomp on your ambition.

Whatever your ambitions are don't allow others to hold you back. So how do you know you that you are stomping on your own ambition? These factors below should indicate that you may just be.

1. Other people's opinions hold you back from going after what you really want.

2. What you want is overwritten by what you should be doing. for example having a stable job, paying your mortgage etc.

3. The dream vision you had for your ideal future seems like a distant memory because its not realistic according to what society says.

4. You are fearful of the outcome of your actual ambitions and as a result play it safe. For example your dream could be to own a small boutique but you feel this will never happen and you will fail if you do try so stay in a job where you aren't interested or ambitious.

Ambition is so important in driving you to what you really want. So if you know your energy is ruining this do something about this sooner rather then later. As Bill Bradley says "Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in". Having ambition isn't easy its not meant to be but sticking to what you really want will pay off one day. So next time you think about giving up on your own ambitions don't. Instead of stomping on your ambitions why not ignite them and make them even stronger by working harder towards achieving and making them a reality. 

Wishing you all the best 

Soma x

Do you fear what others will think of you if you quit your job?

A women I spoke to once told me she didn't want to quit her job because she felt others would judge her. I asked her why this would be such a problem for her and she said that what others thought meant a lot to her. I then went on to ask her "Are you happy where you work". Her consistent answer was always "NO" So if this be the case why are you still there!! Do you let others dictate your future for you. This women certainly was and as a result was allowing her own happiness to be on the back burner. The people we surround ourselves with are very important. Robin Sharma says "Choose your influences well". If your friends and family don't support your decision to quit and persuade you to say in a job where you are unhappy ask yourself who is suffering more you or them.

I would advocate you take up some of the following tips:

1. Avoid listening to all such statement such as "If you don't work where will the money come from" or" Are you sure its kind of unrealistic to quit if you have't got a job lined up etc.

2. If people don't support you give them ultimatums or ignore them for a while.

3. Stand firm on your decisions about your career and life. Don't allow your family or friends to talk you into a life you don't want. If you know its not for you just quit sooner rather then later.

4. Type up your resignation letter. This may seem a scary but it makes it more real especially if you have been putting it off.

I would say whatever decision you make sure its yours and yours alone. I don't advocate quitting but if you know you can't take it anymore then do it. Remain postive about your future and dreams and go for what you want.

Much love and allow this decision to be yours not anyone elses.

Soma x


Stay true to yourself

Is your job and career changing who you are as a person if so ask yourself how and why did this happen? Society tells us we need to get married have a steady job, and have children. But what do you actually want in your life and career? Do you feel you have lived the kind of life you actually wanted to? If not what is stopping you. Yes its never easy to live a life where you stand up for what you really want, but if you know it will make you a happier, stronger person isn't that a better way to live.

As Baz Lurhrmann puts it "A life lived in fear... is a life half-lived".Fear holds us back from pursuing many of the dreams and ambitions we have in out life but isn't it better we embrace our fears head on rather then let them work against us.

For anyone reading this who feels their career isn't enough for them right now ask yourself three questions.

1. Why are you unhappy in your job?

2. What do you think needs to change so you are happy?

3. Did you have a dream whilst in high school to pursue a different career, if so what happened?

I want you to think about all these questions and answer them as honestly as possible. Have you always been true to yourself and who you are as a person, whilst on this career journey of yours. Yes not all of our dreams come true but if you believe in something it will happen. This does take time and dedication but if you really believe in your purpose then it should be worth it.

At the Oscar winning screenplay writer Graham Moore said in his Oscar speech "Stay weird, Stay different". If you feel like an outsider in your work situation its properly because your heart is desiring something else. Yes the whole concept of heart over matter may not seem realistic to you. Especially if you need to pay your mortgage, but what if it leads you to a better life. Never allow yourself to compromise on your dreams and become someone you aren't. The only person who will end up unhappy is you. So if you know that high powered job you have pays the bills but doesn't feed your soul maybe its time to think about changing sooner that later.

If you know you need to change things for the better and want to have a 30 minute chat with please visit this link  and fill in the contact form so that we set this up for you. 

Much love and always remain true to you

Soma x



What does your work actually mean to you?

Everyone works for different reasons some people work for money, some because they love what they do but sometimes there  are some people who work because they feel they have to.

So is your job a means to end? I remember asking a old colleague of mine why they worked where they did. It was evident by their attitude they didn't like their job as they always complained "I am bored". So I asked them why do you work here then quite directly. At first they were shocked but they said "Because I have to do something". I then remember asking them what do you actually want to do and they said "No idea". How many people who go from job to job like they this individual feel this way? I am not judging anyone here but I feel its important if you want to work it should be doing something that you enjoy and not because you need to.

Question is how many of you work right now because society tells you have to not because you want to. Yes nobody through choice wants to be on job seekers allowance and am not trying to encourage that here. But what if you had the choice to work because you wanted to do not because you had to? Think about that for a second it may seem strange why I am talking about this as many of you may feel the same thing "We all have to work don't we?" Yes wouldn't be better if this was out of choice rather then necessity. In fact why can't it be both.

The meaning of work according to the online dictionary includes:

1.activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.

2. a task or tasks to be undertaken.

Do either of these definitions fit in to how you interpret work probably not. My point is that work by our individual minds can be interpreted in so many different ways. The person who works as banker cashier is no different to a business owner who runs a flower shop. What is different is the activity they engage and perhaps their attitude to their work. Lets take these examples the cashier may of landed this role right after leaving school and feels trapped in this role they feel they can't go anywhere else. Whilst the florist owner made the conscious decision to open up their own business and be their own boss. This example could also be the other way round but I am trying to say how many of us have made conscious decisions to be were we right now. Some of us may have, as have I but not everyone does. I am not saying this is a bad thing but many of us feel the expectations put on us so great its hard to achieve what we actually want.

Work is important to people in different ways. I hear may people saying if I don't work I can't pay the bills or mortgage. This is so important definitely but has the need for having to work been overridden by actually doing something you really love. It's never too late to change your job or career. I have seen so many people do this successfully and helped people with their individual transitions. Yet sometimes society and the people we surround ourselves with stop this from happening.

Redundancy is a key factor in changing people's attitude to work. I remember when I was at risk of redundancy I felt vulnerable and wasn't sure about what I would do, if I lost my job it was a constant worry for me. Many people feel like who they are as individuals is put into question. Their work means so much to them it may feel like a part of them is being chipped away. Having been through this myself its not nice seeing your work colleagues angry, frustrated and upset. Your work is important but there are so many things which are even more important when it comes down to it. Like your family and health etc.  The work you do is only one element of your life it shouldn't define who you are.

So what does your work really mean to you? This is something only you can answer. For me my work is my mission to help professional women seek happiness in your careers and find something they really want. This makes me happy. What makes you happy and how can you implement this happiness in your work?

Many thanks

Soma x


Do you have a nightmare boss?

Photo by BakiBG/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by BakiBG/iStock / Getty Images

Do you have a boss that is is a complete nightmare? If so how do you cope with it? I myself have had a horrible boss and a few senior managers who didn't always play fair game. The worst was when one of my bosses took me aside and shouted at me for doing things she never actually explained in the first place. My first reaction was shock that it even happened. My second reaction was having to go and have a good old cry in the toilets because I was so upset. Apparently the number one reason people hate their job is a horrible boss. This may not surprise you but 53% - said they would be too scared to raise concerns over bullying compared with just 25% two years ago."(ACAS). This is concerning statistic because how many of you are harnessed by or boss and seniors and never report it. I know people and have had clients, who come to me saying their boss is making their life hell and they don't know what to about it. I managed to deal with it in my own way but the best way to deal with a bully is to not let them get to. 

Some if the things I did to prevent further outbursts from them were:

1. Stay on top of my work - I always made sure I was two steps ahead as they would check via phone and email.

2. I didn't let their insecurities get to me - The manager I worked with didn't actually seem to like their job and it felt like they put this out on me.

3. Keeping my head down - I never told anyone how I felt about my boss. They got my colleagues to spy on me to make sure I was working this stopped happening after a while but I never told anyone how unhappy I was in the office.

4. I kept at it - This was a temporary role for me so I carried on working there. If it had been a permanent role I would have probably left.

No boss or work place bully is worth the hassle or the time of getting too upset over. A lot of the time the bosses that may be horrible to you may have a horrible boss themselves. Remember behavior is like a mirror and this sometimes reflects to other people. Most of the horrible boss stories I have heard, have been more to do with the bully then the victim. It may feel like a personal attack on you but Its mainly because the other person has their own insecurities and likes to take it out on other people. Also power can be an ugly creature, sometimes too much power given to the wrong people can make them abuse their power of position and do pretty much what they want.

To anyone reading this right now who may be facing a similar situation, don't let your nightmare boss be the cause of you leaving your job. If you can't take it anymore then fine leave but no one has a right to be treated badly by a senior. If you want to show them up then work hard and earn the rewards you deserve don't let them win.

When I look bad on my horrible boss incident I feel I have become a stronger person as a result of it. I never confronted them but I didn't want to play tit for tat. To be honest what would it have achieved? I felt in my heart just because they are nasty doesn't mean I want to be. Also I really believed if I behaved badly towards them this would be make me just as bad as them and I am not like them at all.

So if you are feel like your boss is like a Evil Queen or King don't rise it. You are better then that.

All the best 

Soma x 

What is your calling?

When you wake up in the morning what is your true purpose or calling? For many it can be their family. Some people feel its their responsibility to look after their family and thus in turn the job they have can relate to this.

So what is a calling really? We are obviously not talking about phoning a friend here lol. It all depends on your own unique interpretation but a calling can also be described as "An inner urge or a strong impulse,especially one believed to be divinely inspired." or it can be a "An occupation,profession or career. " This definition is according to the online dictionary. 

So what do feel is your calling? I know in my heart I always wanted to help people. I didn't always know how, I would do it but helping people was something very important to me. What's important to you? Is it the kind of job you want are looking for an executive position or do you want a job you truly fall in love with. Your values in life can help define what you calling is in life.

If we think about a calling being a spiritual path. How were lead to that point? Was it something that happened to you. Or did you just have a moment where you realised the calling you once so truly treasured doesn't exist anymore. We all change as people and sometimes the calling we had when we were younger isn't always the thing we actually pursue later in life.

Many of the women I speak to tell me they always had a passion for art or something creative yet they work in a city job. There isn't anything wrong with this but I do hear regret in their voice. Then when I ask them why did you study and peruse more studies. I mostly always get  the same answer. "Because my family wanted me to ". I like these women have also followed this path. I love what I do I truly do but sometimes the calling and desire we really want is put on hold by the family we love so much. We want to make them proud of us and part of that is compromising what we actually would like to do.

So what is your calling? Is it a desire to start a new business. Change your current career. Or get a job where you are actually happy.

Whatever it is make sure you plan it well.Don't let fear and other people's negative energy from creating what you really in your life. Start creating it sooner rather then later. You will see once you follow your true calling you will be more authentic and this will represent the real you. Yes there will be challenges but if you are feeling to face such challenges then your calling is worth fighting for.

Wishing you all the best. 

Soma x 



Interview with Catrima

Catrima Gabrielle runs two successful businesses from home; she has her own Intuitive Therapy Consultancy where she uses the power of the subconscious mind to communicate with both people and animals through telepathy and she is also building a successful Multi Level Marketing business with the Aloe Vera Company, Forever Living Products.  On her website, Catrima describes herself as an “Animal Communicator & Remote Viewing Therapist”.  She has also been featured in the book "Passion Pays" by Genevieve de Lacaze. I was struck by her vibrant personality and how she had a magnetic energy about her. When I spoke to her during this interview I realised she wasn’t just an inspirational woman and businesswoman but a dedicated mother and a force to be reckoned with.  She has a lot of wisdom and shares some of this with us. 

What are your beliefs about life and having a great career?

I’ve had many challenges in life that have changed me as a person and for which I’m very grateful. Those challenges have certainly made me who I am today.  One of the major challenges was when my marriage broke down at the time my daughter was two and a half years old.  I was totally devastated and this made me question a lot about trust, loyalty, family members taking sides and right from wrong, things which I had always put great value to.  It was an extremely physically abusive relationship from the start of the marriage and though I knew it was a very negative environment, I didn’t have the confidence or the strength to walk away from it.  In the end as luck would have it, it was he who actually left me for another woman and I thank God for that as because of this I have truly become the woman that I am today.  I shudder to think what would have happened had he stayed with me.  I was a totally different person back then and don’t think I would have ever made the move to leave him and in a way, I do believe now, that those things happened so that I would grow as a person and become stronger, more assertive and gain confidence in myself as a woman.

There was also a horrible custody battle and I knew when I was so close to losing my daughter that I had to either grow a spine of steel or give up and walk away.  Losing my daughter really wasn’t an option so I decided to grow a spine of steel!  In the end, thankfully, I was able to win custody and was able to bring my daughter up myself.

Having gone through all of those things and then the affects of having to fight to keep her, it obviously affected my daughter who was left quite traumatised by the events she was in the centre of in the early part of her childhood.

Child therapists, psychologists, trauma counselors – absolutely nothing seemed to help her recover from the devastating affects of what went on in my marriage and which, as a tiny child she was indirectly subjected to.  In the end, I found myself taking control and searching for ways of helping her and this is when I came across NLP (Neuro LinguisticProgramming) and was strongly drawn to becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, which in the end, went a long way in assisting my daughter to becoming who and what she is today.  I’m immensely proud of her!  From being a slow learner in the early years to actually becoming academically brilliant and now studying Politics at University of Warwick is a massive achievement in my eyes.

So to go back to your question, I believe that sometimes life takes you along a path that perhaps you wouldn’t normally have chosen but the challenges you face help in pushing you toward a career or a life that is destined for you and no matter what those challenges are, they need to be blessed and honored as those challenges essentially make you the person you are today.

How did your intuitive journey begin and forge into a career?

It was during a hypnotherapy session as part of my NLP Practitioner training that something very strange happened.  We had to partner with another student in class and I was partnered with a gentleman I had never met before.  Whilst we were being instructed in taking the steps to learning the basic concepts of hypnotherapy, I found myself going very deep into a trance like state which I thought was pretty strange in that the session hadn’t even properly begun.  It felt later, almost as if the hypnotherapy had nothing to do with it and that it was the right environment for me to go into this state safely and not be alarmed as there were instructors around who would quickly be able to intervene should I have become panicked. 

During those few moments, and I’m not even aware how long this process took at the time, I received very detailed messages about this gentleman I had been partnered with and was able to give him a running commentary about what his wife looked like, the fact that he had two daughters aged 9 and 11 and that if he was expecting his wife to come and pick him up at the end of the day, he was going to be disappointed as her car would be breaking down by the side of the road about 10 miles away and he would have to get a taxi to get to her.  All of this information came from me in a very matter of fact tone as if I was almost reading the news off of an auto cue!  I remember a very confused look come over his face and very quickly after our short session together, he made an excuse and seemed to retreat to the other side of the room from where we were sitting.  It was toward the end of the day about an hour before we were due to wrap up that he came over to me and told me that he’d just received a call from his wife and that she was waiting by the side of the road for the AA to come and fix her car as the car had suddenly stalled and would not start.

 do actually consider myself a very logical person and so I was very puzzled myself.  However that was the day that it all started and from that point on, the only real difference has been that with each day, week and month, this ability seemed to have just got a life of it’s own and my intuitive sense got stronger and stronger. So in terms of making it into a career, it was a very slow and gradual process.  I had no concept of what I was dealing with and of course at the start, I hadn’t even thought of using this ability to make a career or establish myself in this field.  All of that came over a year and a half later.  The initial 18 months were spent slowly discovering my telepathic skills, using my intuition on those around me and asking for feedback and generally discovering what I was able to do and which parts of it were easily accessed and which parts required more concentrated effort.  There were times I was very frustrated and there were also many tears and tantrums!  I found myself becoming extremely sensitive to other people’s energy and this would set me off with headaches, random panic attacks and overall confusion with what was going on inside my head.  Of course, with time spent on educating myself on the subject of telepathy, the power of the subconscious mind and all things spiritual, I was able to come to come to terms with what was going on and in time, learned to embrace the ability rather than run away from it.

I had previously worked in companies based in the City and West End as administrator and office managerial positions and preferred contractual work especially because I got bored of the environment and had a need for constant change.  I knew I was simply filling time and felt there was something else I was meant to be doing and yet just didn’t know what this was and spent years moving from company to company trying to work out what my life was all about.  The good thing is that I just knew there was something that I was meant to do…some life purpose I was meant to be serving. 

After the incident at the hypnotherapy course, my family were becoming concerned about my state of mind and worried for me as I became more and more accurate with my predictions and being able to “read” those around me.  At the insistence of my mother, I was booked in for an MRI scan on my brain. However something inside me told me not to worry about this new ability I seemed to possess so in the end I didn’t go through with the scan. 

My father was the first person to encourage me to turn the whole thing into a positive and it was his idea that I begin to do consulting work and coach people using my intuitive ability through life issues, marriage problems and to generally support others through their troubles.  I soon found that I was actually good at this!  Not only good at it but I was actually really accurate in intuitively eliciting their internal blockages and being able to know exactly how to extract these blockages remotely through simply guiding them back up to the point of time when they had built those internal blocks through psychologically and emotionally challenging times in their lives. I was then encouraged by my father to do a website and start spreading the word about what it was that I was able to offer.  And so my website was born over just one weekend and went live within 3 days. I had no experience of building a website and doing anything so technical and yet I felt I was being guided the whole time to develop this site and I knew then that I was not alone and that I had some very strong and powerful “unseen” helpers to get things going for me.

Over the last nearly ten years, I have had the pleasure of working for many organisations in giving them insight to the kind of things that cannot ordinarily be done in the normal scope of things.I have sat in HR meetings and given my insight to new employees being hired and old employees being fired.  I have been asked for help giving insight to the lives of politicians, famous athletes, actors as well as people leading what we would term “ordinary” lives.

As well as working with people, being able to communicate telepathically has given me fantastic opportunities to help change the lives of countless animals both here in the UK as well as internationally. So what started as a very weird and scary experience in an environment of learning hypnotherapy has now allowed me to establish myself as someone who has been able to forge a thriving career in a very unusual field.  I do feel extremely blessed. 

What is your biggest inspiration and why?

Without a doubt my biggest inspiration is my daughter who has inspired me to keep going especially through the tough times.  Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The reason I feel blessed for all the hardships, the challenges, the heart break and the tears is because without having gone through all of those tough times, I wouldn’t’ now be in the position that I now find myself in.  So I was inspired by my daughter and am continually being inspired by her.  I also teach and hold workshops around the country as I am inspired to show others that they too posses this ability of intuition, telepathy and psychic ability and it’s not a gift given to a select few.  We all have it and it’s a question of being able to know how to unlock those special doors in your subconscious mind and I find it extremely inspiring when I see others opening up their ability in one single afternoon of coaching.

What have been your biggest challenges in your business and why?

One of the biggest challenges was initially charging for my services and working out what my service was actually worth.  I was confused when I first started my consultancy as I’d heard some people say that I shouldn't charge for my work as my ability is a “gift” and that it should be offered for free.  I spoke to a number of people as of course the whole thing was all very new to me.  I then quickly realised that my time and expertise is of value not only to myself but to others as well.  There are artists and painters, song writers and singers, surgeons and medical professionals who are all gifted and able to bring enjoyment, relief and/or various kinds of assistance through their “gift” or talent and no one expects them to do it all for free.  It has taken years of learning, experimenting and fine tuning this ability (which by the way, we all possess) and feel that I am right in charging for my time and my expertise although in the beginning I spent agonising hours debating this whole issue.

Then came the question of how much to charge.  I started off in the early days charging very little and just enough to cover the cost of my time and nothing more.  This was so that I could see how accurate I was and I also asked for feedback from my clients to gage whether they thought the experience they had had with me was worth the amount paid for the session.  As more and more time passed by, the feedback from people was that I was charging too little for the results and benefits they were gaining from having had a consultation with me and slowly over time I increased my fee.

When you understand that in order to do a 45 minute session, I am required to spend almost an hour and a half of tuning in and connecting with an individual before the session even starts on the phone, you begin to realise that my charges are in fact very reasonable compared to services that are out there in the field of therapy and life coaching.

I think what also needs to be looked at is what is the price or value of say for instance, saving a marriage where two people would undoubtedly go their separate ways unless they understood each other’s needs and made the effort to work things out, which is what I would intervene and help with.  Or what value would you put on saving 3 to 5 years of your life in a career which you were heading towards but which, after me tuning in and sensing, I would advise not to go for as I felt there would be possibilities of finding a job ten times better than one they were willing to settle for.  What would the saving of years be worth to a client?  When I was advised to think along those lines when considering my fee structure, I immediately understood and felt right in charging what I do.  Of course, businesses and corporations are charged triple and quadruple the amount I charge for personal consultations for individuals.

How do you respond to people who react negatively to what you do?

Well for a start I am not here to convince anyone of my abilities!  It’s not my job to do that and force anyone to believe in what I do.  I think it’s right to be skeptical and scrutinize those who do what I do but at the same time I would say have an open mind whilst investigating the phenomena of psychic ability and telepathy and remote viewing.It’s healthy to question and debate but I believe in having an open mind while doing so.  I also say to people that the way I see it is that there is more to this universe than things which are visible to the human eye.

There are so many areas of life which are invisible but that does not mean that these things are not there just because we can’t see them.  There are too many things in the world which still cannot be explained and are still unproven and again, that doesn't mean these things are impossible and do not exist.  Having said that, when you don’t or can’t see the possibilities, it’s perhaps just not your time and maybe one day you will and then again, maybe you won’t!  We are all different and the world would be a less interesting place if we were all to be the same or even similar to each other.   Those who come to me are drawn to me for a reason – it’s never an accident or a coincidence - and again it’s all about energy!   After nearly 10 years of doing what I do, surely if I were a phony I would have been found out long before now!  Instead a very high percentage of my clients are regular clients and all of my work comes through recommendations and word of mouth as I have never ever advertised my consultations in the media or newspapers or magazines. 

How do you work with animals and does it differ much to working with people?

The two are very similar.  Telepathy is the same whether with a person or an animal and there is no time and space where telepathy is concerned.  This means that I am also able to connect with those (both animals and people) who have passed away and are in another dimension.  There are, however, subtle variances of the vibration received from animals and people.  What they talk about and want to share though can be very different!  Animals, no matter who they are or where they come from tend to have a wisdom about them that not all humans have.  Of course, you get some people who are wise beyond their years however with animals, on the whole, much more of them seem to be switched on with all things to do with spirituality.

Animals tend to understand more about spiritual life than humans do and when I asked my guides why this was the case, I was told that animals have respect for the spiritual side of life and were trusted to keep secrets.  We humans, on the other hand, would not be trusted with all the information as we would tend to abuse the knowledge given to us rather than respect it for what it is.

Can you give any examples of usual animals you have worked with?

I tend to work mostly with horses, dogs and cats however, I have been consulted with tuning in with lizards, snakes and other reptiles.  I have also connected with spiders and these always prove to be very eye opening sessions!

I have had personal experience of connecting with ants.  A few summers ago, our house was filled with ants coming in through the patio door.  This went on for around 7 or 8 days and when I talk about ants coming in, I mean hundreds and hundreds of them all walking militantly in lines walking through my patio doors and heading straight towards my kitchen.  They got into everything…my cupboards, on the counters, in my sink, virtually everywhere I turned, they were there. Totally fed up, I decided to try and connect and see if they would listen.  The main reason I was reluctant to even try initially was because there were thousands of them!  Which one of them would I connect with?  When I questioned my guides, I was immediately told that they would all listen to my instructions as a whole and not on an individual basis.  I was told to connect with them collectively.  So I did this and asked them to leave. 

As I would normally do with any other animal needing a behavioral change, I gave them a time or an ultimatum in which to do as instructed.  So I gave them until 4pm which was 3 hours from the time I spoke to them and I felt this gave them enough time to get organised and leave!  So I tuned in and connected and asked them to leave by that time or I would have no option but to spray them with ant killer (of course I would never do that but had to threaten them to do what I had asked them to do).  And hey presto by the time 4pm arrived, there was not one single ant seen in my house and no more ants any summer after that year.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wanted to start their own business but didn't know where to start?

Starting any kind of business takes focus and determination to see it through to the end.  In order to be successful and actually earn from it, because that is what ultimately it’s all about – to make a living and earn from your work -  I would say you absolutely need to find what you are passionate about.  I do believe that every single one of us on earth has a calling.  We each need to find out what our individual calling is.  You may have to go through life doing many things before it suddenly hits you over the head but when it does you will just know. 

Most of us go through life never searching but simply settling for what we fall into.  Those are the people who lead mundane and unhappy lives unfortunately.  I feel there are so many who are asleep through life, never feeling the urge to find out what life is all about.  Life gets seriously exciting when you are living on purpose and with passion.  As mentioned, there are too many who have simply given up on that excitement, perhaps thinking this is the way life is meant to be.  It’s not!  You will need to wake yourself up and find the magic because trust me, there is magic and you just have to be aware and see things differently in order to actually recognize the magic all around.

Starting a business is not the difficult bit, knowing what you are passionate about is what needs to be searched and found first.  Everything else after that is easy peasy and falls into place as you go along…you will be guided once you have found your true passion.

Sometimes a series of hard knocks will make you wake up, as it did me.  This is why I honour the tough times I have been through.  Without those tough times, perhaps I would still be searching for my calling in life.  Whether you have to go through the tough times in order to find your calling or you take the time to search within and find the answers, which ever way you go about it, make a start and promise yourself to keep searching until you find that beautiful stream of silvery thought that will be your aha moment.  When it comes there is no mistaking it!

I get very excited when I assist a client to delve inside of themselves and grasp that sudden breath taking, air gulping moment when it dawns on them.  It’s thrilling to share that journey of discovery with them and often brings me to tears when that moment is reached and life for them is never ever the same again!  This is when they find their passion and in a blink of an eye, they can see the sea of opportunity in front of them and life, for them, truly does begin from that moment on.  Helping others discover their passion is what I am here to do.

What would you say to anyone who is struggling in their own business?

Make sure you seek help in the areas you need help in.  For me personally, I am terrible with book-keeping and accounts and always seek help in this area.  Business takes time and of course there is always a learning curve.  Get business advice and support where you feel the need.  Seek help whenever you feel overwhelmed as otherwise this will impact negatively with the work that you do need to do for your business to thrive and become successful.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There is so much help and support available and it should feel like second nature to extend your hand and ask for help.  We can’t all be good at everything and it’s important to recognize this early on so that you don’t get stuck in a rut trying to do everything yourself. 

Don’t allow any setbacks to hold you back and delay you from what you want.  If you have an end goal this will keep you going and you will get there.  Make written goals and targets.  This is crucial.  What you think about only in your mind will keep shifting and changing.  Make it definite by writing your goal down, date it and look at it every single day as you work towards it with the actions that your business needs.

What is your definition of a dream job?

As mentioned before, my definition of a dream job is to be able to feel a passion for it.  If you love what you do, surely that is the definition of a dream job?

My first dream job is what I do – my remote viewing work, my communicating telepathically with both people and animals, being able to drastically change lives on a soul level, making a difference to people and animals all over the world and not just those around me.  This will forever be my passion.

However, you can have more than one passion in life!  Where my consultancy work involves the workings of the mind and utilizing the subconscious into my work in connecting with others, my other passion is to do with helping others on more of a physical level.  Being involved with the Aloe Vera company Forever Living Products, allows me to be more social where doing business is concerned and advise and help people feel physically well. 

As well as that, I am also able to coach and teach others to build a full time income on a very part time basis and getting them involved in my team of distributors.  Again, it’s doing something to help others only this time, on a physical and financial level.  This is hugely satisfying for me because life is tough and it’s even tougher for people with families with very little money coming in.  I show them a way of quickly being able to earn a solid and residual income but not at the cost of losing time with their family.

It’s no coincidence that I was led to this company because now I feel I am doing an all round job of helping others, first through their mind with my consultancy work and ending with their body and lifestyle through Forever Living Products!  Things really couldn't get any better where job satisfaction is concerned for me and I am so lucky to feel passion for the two areas of work I am involved in.

I hope when you read this interview it helps you realise that everyone has difficult periods in their life but the hope and belief you can do something amazing can help you build your dream job. Catrima is living proof of this, she is passionate about using her skills and gift to help others and wants to leave a lasting impression on everyone she meets. I can vouch for that she is unlike anyone I have ever met before and that is what makes her such a real inspiration. So you may think you can’t be like her - that’s not the aim here.   Be who you want to be but take in her wisdom.  Be passionate about what you believe in and seek help when you need it so that your dream job can become a reality. If you want to find out more about Catrima visit her site at .












Dream job post

Monika is a hard working passionate and ambitious woman who when she met me told me she had experience in several jobs. However she wanted to focus on her dream job. Monika’s marketing experience includes working for Karen Millen and Mango. So what did Monika want to change, she didn’t want to go back to marketing. Her dream when she spoke to me this was surrounding change making and helping empower woman!! It was quickly realised that if she wanted to be in her dream job she would need to go back to basics. This is a big change for her and like with any career job or job changer realising this is never easy.

So how did Soma help her!!

See for yourself what she said about working with me.

Soma has a great open approach; she really listened to my individual needs and asks exactly the questions that I needed to hear to get the clarity I needed. She is also very dedicated, makes you feel that you have all the possible support and tools that you may need to take your career to the next level. I was very pleased with her service and I got my dream job! Soma provides you with a lot of support after the session too and shares different tools and techniques to be even more effective in the job search. I would definitely recommend SGcareers as it’s a service tailored to every person’s needs and is a great support to achieve your career goals, even if you have no idea where you want to get to. Very professional, experienced and above all great commitment- you really feel you are being taken care of as a client."

Monika will be starting her internship for Thomson Reuters very soon so that she can fulfil her ambition to work within international development and make a real difference to the things that she is passionate about.

Do you want to have that dream job but have no idea where to start?

Please get in touch for a consultation today so that we can help you with your new adventure today!!

Wishing you the best with your careers.

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